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Permits Needed for Research

These permits must be obtained prior to any research at the AAHL

Permits Needed for Research

These permits must be obtained prior to any research at the AAHL

IACUC compliance

The use of other vertebrates for research, teaching, or testing at AAAHL is supervised by the Oregon State University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). They approve and oversee any vertebrate research. The Animal Care and Use Proposal (ACUP) must be approved before any animals are acquired or used for research. The approval process may take up to 8 weeks so it is essential for you as a researcher to submit your Protocol to the committee far in advance of the initiation of your project. The ACUP must be renewed every 3 years and requires yearly reporting. We are available to help with the writing, editing, and submission of your ACUP.

IBC: Institutional Biosafety Committee compliance

If you are using a pathogen, biohazard, or recombinant DNA product in your research, you must secure approval through OSU's IBC before the IACUC can approve your ACUP. These forms can be submitted concurrently with your ACUP proposal. See: BROKEN - If you need help with writing, editing, or submitting your IBC, please contact us.

IACUC and EH&S training requirements

Training is required for everyone processing or manipulating fish at the AAHL.

Initial animal exposure questionnaire

The questionnaire is for either non OSU employees or OSU employees or students. All information must be completed and if you are not using the fillable pdf form you must return the form to:

OSU Occupational Medicine
Occupational Medicine
Plageman Building
Room 103
108 SW Memorial Place
Corvallis, OR 97331

You may also fax the information to 541-737-7236

Animal Welfare Education (AWE) training.

AWE requirements may be met by completing the online CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) module, "Working with the IACUC".

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Animal Handler training

Animal handler (or exposure) safety awareness training is required for persons who will work with, or have significant contact with or exposure to animals.

Other permits