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BSL2 Dry Lab

The AAHL has a separate Biosecurity level 2 dry laboratory approved by OSU’s BROKEN - IBC. The BSL 2 lab is suitable for work involving agents that pose moderate hazards to personnel and the environment. This room allows researchers to work with a broad spectrum of indigenous moderate-risk agents that are present in the community and associated with human disease of varying severity.

The BSL2 room is under negative pressure and is equipped with a Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) for primary containment of procedures with aerosol or high splash potential. There is a wash station in the room and appropriate decontamination procedures and personnel training procedures are in place. The AAHL has an on site autoclave to decontaminate biowaste or prepare laboratory equipment.

The BSL2 lab can be rented exclusively by researchers on a daily basis, or can be used as a shared space if appropriate.