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Isolation Wet-Lab

Student examining tank in the isolation wet-lab

The isolation lab is a separate wet-lab and necropsy area situated within the main facility fence with a keyed entrance. This lab has increased biosecurity making it an ideal area to work with non-endemic aquatic organisms/pathogens.

The lab has over 300 ft2 of space, shelves and racks for aquaria, twenty-four 25L flow-through tanks and a separate necropsy room. Designated nets and equipment are provided and decontaminated separately. A disinfectant foot bath is provided for foot traffic between area.

Effluent can be controlled as there is only one effluent pipe from the room. Effluent is treated with UV, chlorine, or other methods as needed.

The entire room can be rented exclusively and/or individual tanks within the room. The flexible design allows tank configurations, flow rates, temperature, etc., to be tailored to meet your specific needs.