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Frequently Asked Questions About AAHL

Frequently Asked Questions About AAHL

Dr. Jerri Bartholomew, Director, or Ruth Milston-Clements, Lab Manager.

We use standard BioOregon pelleted fish feed of the appropriate size unless otherwise requested. Please ask us about feed for other species.

For salmon and trout we use the BioOregon feeding guide. Other amounts may be used depending on the species.

No we purchase the feed and feed once a day as part of the tank rental fee. If more feeding is required than once a day, we will charge a nominal fee for that service.

Tanks are reserved on a first come first served basis and can be held for up to a year. If your plans change, we can cancel, postpone or alter your reservation at no penalty according to availability. Fill out a tank request form and submit it to the lab manager.

Our design is flexible in that tanks, plumbing, lighting, etc., can be rearranged to fit most needs. An on-site tool shop is available for researchers to construct custom experimental set ups as long as you supply your own materials. Assistance with construction is available for an hourly fee.

We give free tours by appointment to all ages and backgrounds. We can accommodate groups of about 15 people at a time (or we can arrange to split your group and have 2 or more simultaneous tours with different sections at the same time). We can also provide hands-on experiences such as fish dissections, feeding fish, or microscope observations with instruction about research projects and how the laboratory functions.

The AAHL is a "net zero" facility. A ground mounted solar array installed adjacent to the AAHL produces more energy than the lab consumes annually, thus providing excess energy for neighboring buildings. Since installation, the solar system has offset 5,651,433 lbs of CO2, the equivalent of 2,692.9 mature trees. Other energy saving features include a water-to-water heat pump system which utilizes energy from the effluent, transferring it to the process well water without ever mixing the 2 water sources; and all pumps have variable frequency drives which ramp up or down according to demand providing even more energy savings.

Yes, we frequently have volunteer openings, please contact the lab manager to check for availability. Student positions at the AAHL are posted on the OSU jobs page.