Dr. Ling Jin (OSU Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine) investigated Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) to determine whether reduced dissolved O2  level has a role in KHV reactivation during temperature stress.  KHV is a virus that infects ornamental koi and common carp worldwide.  Like most herpes virus infections there is currently no cure for KHV.  Infected fish can show gill lesions, sunken eyes or a notched nose.  KHV reactivation can occur under stress conditions, such as heat stress, poor water quality or injury, which can cause disease and transmit the infection to naive fish.  KHV reactivation during shipping contributes to the major loss in koi industry and trade.  Temperature, handling and blood sampling were all found to be triggers for KHV reactivation in the latently infected koi.  The dissolved O2  levels were not found to significantly affect KHV reactivation.

Lin, L., Chen, S., Russell, D.S, Löhr, c.V., Milston-Clements, R., Song, T., Miller-Morgan, T., and  Jin, L.  2017  ???????????   240.